Andrew Dolkart

Jan 2005

Move over, Ken Jackson, Andrew Dolkart is New York's best expert AND he's an adorable little elf. Dolkie, as he is affectionately referred, knows so much about NYC it seems like he must have come over with the Dutch. I will never forget the time he got us lost in the Ramble in Central Park and then proceded to read the number on a LIGHTPOST to determine which side of the park we were on, at which cross street, and at which pole in the series. Remember to take a light-hearted approach to his class, however--if you tried to write down every single fact he spews (don't worry, you won't be able to anyway), you'll miss the big picture, and the big picture is what he tests you on in the end. The details are just the icing on the cake. It should be mentioned this class is only offered in conjunction with the Graduate School of Architecture's New York/Paris program, and Dolkart's class is about the only one worth going to. Dolkart does, however, offer regular classes, which are probably just as good, if not better.