Corbett Bazler

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jul 2007

The Baz is a great instructor. First, he knows his material. While you were rocking out to Weezer, he was digging the classical. He was playing piano as a zygote. To quote: " know in tenth grade, I was SO into Bach!" He has a zippy sense of humor; class is rarely boring. I absolutely despise classical music, but that notwithstanding, the music was tolerable because of his fine teaching. The Baz can also play just about anything on the piano, which is extremely helpful. He will take out as much time as you need to help you understand the material. All in all, cool guy.

Jul 2007

This course changed the way I think about all music. Admittedly, that's what a music humanities class is supposed to do. But I've met a lot of unsatisfied music hum students who complain about the tremendous waste of time they spend trying to learn musical notation and dates of compositions. Professor Blazer focused on concepts in music that apply in other areas of knowledge, he deconstructed pieces intelligibly, and even fit in great anecdotes about the composers lives. He was a truly amazing teacher. Not only was he passionate, clear, and really funny, and really seemed to care about his students, even the musically challenged ones. I have taken most of the core classes here, and this has been by far has been the best.

Jan 2007

Probably the most interesting class I took at Columbia. It was good to finally take a professor who seemed passionate about the subject in question and took the time to answer people's questions (although this did make the class lag behind in material). He really makes you change the way you think about music.

Jan 2007

This class has been one of the best experiences at Columbia. Corbett's knowledge of music is tremendous. Most importantly, his passion for music and charm will inspire you. He never condescends, has a great sense of humor, is very fair and kind. He is extremely witty for a young instructor, in the sense that no question will throw him off. He might willingly indulge in 'beyond-curriculum' music banter, but he LOVES his music. He is quick to play anything at all on the piano to explain what mere mortals cannot hear in terms of rhythm or major-minor mode. The work load was rather big, but I walked away from this class so much richer in music knowledge and have learned to appreciate the old masters in every way. His very memorable, uncanny 'Corbettish' delivery will stay with you. Consider yourself lucky to be in Corbett's class, it will be an asset to you for the rest of your life, if not professionally, most definitely personally.

May 2006

Professor Bazler, or I shall say, Corbett, is the best professor that I can expect from a music department. I actually don't know how to describe all the details because everything about him and the class is simply great. If you are in his class, you are in luck!

May 2006

Considering that if you're in CC you have to take this class, Corbett is an excellent choice for a teacher. I really liked his casual manner - he doesn't make you feel like an idiot if you don't understand music. He's funny and brilliant, with the ability to sit down at the piano and play just about anything. Sometimes I thought he could be a little too gentle with the class in that some people would just go on and on and on talking and asking questions, but overall Corbett is a really great teacher and I know he'll have a bright future ahead of him when he gets out of grad school.

Apr 2006

Corbett was a fantastic TA, his music hum section is my favorite class this semester, and among the best I've taken at Columbia. He teaches the theory and concepts thoroughly, and knows many interesting and hilarious anecdotes about the lives of the composers we are talking about. He is super sweet, and very helpful outside of class as well. His class increased my appreciation for music tremendously, and helped me discover composers I knew very little about. Overall, a great choice!

Nov 2005

Corbette Bazler is definetly not a bad choice for a music hum professor. He is great when it comes to playing themes and motivs on the piano, and his clasroom has an open, supportive atmosphere. He really knows his music, and if you can get past some of the awkwardness of his delivery, you will be able to learn a whole lot of really great stuff. He tends to get a little bit behind because he gets too invovled in what he is lecturing on, and this can get frustrating at times. Nevertheless, I would certainly recommend him as long as you won't get too frustrated by some mild disorganization and occasionly wandering lectures.

Jan 2005

Top-notch TA who knows his music/music theory/music history inside-out, cold, blindfolded, both hands tied...etc. For the handful of classes he taught in place of Prof. Smit, Corbett came well-prepared and even took over for Smit when Smit came an hour late to class. Three impressions he left: (1) his ability to walk to the Steinway and play segments of the song being discussed -- impromptu; (2) his cheerful mien when piano-ing it up; (3) the amusing repartee between him and Smit. I'm not sure if he partakes in grading, but I'm becoming more convinced that he didn't for our class. Definitely a resourceful, enjoyable, and approachable character.