Victoria Sancho Lobis

Jul 2005

Being my first art history course, I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. Her teaching style is quite direct and she offers a lot of opportunities to engage the class in various debates and discussions. I did not get bored at all - given that it was an evening section that cut through dinner - and learned a great deal during this summer course. She is very thorough in her explanations and knows a great deal about the subject. The lectures are well organized and setup in a systematic fashion. No time was wasted, other than technology issues, and even for that there were backup plans in place. Highly recommend.

Jan 2005

Sancho is highly competent. She knows her stuff and speaks and teaches well. You end up covering a lot less than what the syllabus says, but you will learn a lot nonetheless. The assigned readings are sometimes long and largely irrelevant, but there aren't many and you can get away with just skimming them. Class discussion can be boring at times (analyzing paintings for too's art hum) but is usually interesting. Grading is quite reasonable. A good teacher overall that I recommend.