Tauqir Fillebeen

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2005

This class has very knowledgeable and friendly TAÂ’s, but they are no substitutes for Tauqir. So pre-meds, after serving your sentence in G-chem lab, welcome to a fulfilling learning experience in chemistry (a paradox, no doubt). She makes herself available during the classÂ…so any lapse in the knowledge of your TA will be filled in right on the spot. The course grading is very lenient all in allÂ…although while you are in the class, you may be judged fairly harshly on your lab and written work, so donÂ’t fret if you botch the journal report or the quizzes remind you of your grades from Professor Cornish. You will not curse the Columbia chemistry department every night after you leave this class, because it is very fair and is a good MCAT refresher.

Nov 2004

She is really the best Chemistry professor out there. Not only does she know her stuff really well, you end up knowing the stuff yourself pretty well after you talk to her. Do not miss out on her!

Sep 2004

Tauqir is amazing. Though she mainly oversees the regular orgo labs, Tauqir basically teaches this one herself. If you've managed to get to know her at all in orgo lab, you've come to realize she is by far the funniest, nicest and smartest instructor this department has to offer. In a roster dominated by "serious" (aka ones who take themselves too seriously) research professors, Tauqir is like a breath of fresh air. More often than not she is more knowledgeable than the lecture professors, but most importantly she can explain things without condescending. By all means, take Advanced Orgo Lab if you're interested in the subject. The class itself is taught with less structure than Orgo lab, which thankfully means more individual initiative along with more interesting/challenging lab work. It is by no means disorganized though, for Tauqir's been at this for quite a bit.