Kirsten Lodge

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2010

Kirsten was an absolutely fabulous Lit-Hum professor. I've heard some awful things about other professors and feel so lucky to have gotten her. She's extremely awkward in the classroom, but it's so obvious that she loves teaching and wants her students to do well. She knows so much about each texts. She could awnser just about any question, regardless of how obscure, often times without even using her notes. Throughout the semester, she planned optional trips to museums, plays, and other outings. You've lucked out if you've gotten Kirsten for Lit-Hum.

Aug 2010

I don't understand why everyone says that Professor Lodge is awkward. I didn't find her awkward at all, but very friendly and engaging. It was a great class! The discussions were amazing, and there were all kinds of extracurricular activities. She is a fair grader and gives lots of feedback on papers, and she is always willing to meet with you to discuss your paper or anything else. I highly recommend taking her class. I learned a lot.

Jan 2010

Kirsten is a teacher which on first appearances seems extremely under-confident, and perhaps not in control of her classroom. After a few lessons and your first paper, this image is gone. Kirsten knows what's she's doing, is an extremely capable and at times even harsh grader, and genuinely cares about the intellectual well-being of her classes. She takes her students on multiple outings to plays, performances and screenings to supplement the texts, and is highly knowledgeable on the histories and deeper complexities of the curriculum. Give her a chance, and she'll certainly pull through for you as a great professor.

Sep 2009

Professor Lodge is very smart, approachable and reasonable in her class policies. She is not a terribly engaging discussion leader or lecturer, but she is adept at understanding the literature herself and explaining it to the class when necessary. She expends a great deal of time and effort teaching this course, and plans many extra-curricular events such as (LitHum) movie nights and trips to see (LitHum) plays. Professor Lodge is not the best teacher, but she's a good one.

May 2009

Kirsten is probably the most awkward professor you will have at Columbia. Contrary to what other say, you never get over this. But, if you can get past that, she happens to be very smart. She is probably the best close reader in the world.

Mar 2008

Kirsten is a bit awkward and shy but don't let that dissuade you (you'll grow to love her quirks). She is a great teacher. Unlike some of the younger grad students who teach Russian, Kirsten actually wants to help you. The book they use for Russian 2 isn't very good, so she photocopies dozens of pages from other textbooks for us. If she can't answer a question or doesn't know the word for something she'll look it up and tell you the next day, even though you've forgotten about it. She's also flexible if you need to miss class (she teaches the night class so this happens a lot) and is always available outside of class. You'll learn more with her than in any other section!

Jan 2005

Kirsten may seem a bit awkward at first but she will soon prove to be an excellent and friendly instructor. She knows the grammar well and will take the time to explain it well in order that she never has to spend time repeating herself (and so she avoids boring motivated students). She is always available for help and extra practice. Her style of teaching a foreign language should be a model for more professors. Definately choose her section.