Michael Lefenfeld

Dec 2004

I'm reviewing Michael because I feel the prior review is unduly harsh. Michael was a tad irreverent, lax and chatty with the class. Not my style. He was, I believe, an engineering grad student and his expertise in chemistry was a tad shallow, but it's not HIS fault he was asked to TA a chemistry class. His quizzes were very straightforward and I thought they were largely fair. He didn't seem to put a whole ton of effort into the class but that's par for most TA's. Michael's an extremely laidback guy who cuts up with the students a lot. I worked hard and was treated fairly. No complaints.

May 2004

Michael is the WORST TA one can ever have and will ever have. He has no knowledge of organic chemistry whatsoever. He is incredibly rude. If you are taking this class next year and are in the section taught by Nuckolls, and if you learn that the TA is Michael Lefenfeld, SWITCH IMMEDIATELY TO THE SECTION TAUGHT BY TAQUIR. IT IS WORTH SWITCHING YOUR ENTIRE SCHEDULE AROUND.