Edward Pomerantz

Feb 2008

DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE. I got an A- in the class so I am speaknig from honesty when I say Pomerantz is insane. He will constantly put you down in front of the whole class and when you have private meetings with him. He puts all his anger and frsutration on his students. The guy is nuts, seriously. He will yell like crazy in class and trust me its not in a good or entertaining way. Its scary. I am still feel the trauma I once did when I was in his course and that was a couple years ago. You will dread going to class, stay away from this man. Take David M instead, I heard he is amazing.

Nov 2004

He's a good guy, and he genuinely cares about teaching. He knows what he's doing because he's been through it. Can be a little flighty at times when he really gets going, but even then its because some sense of drama has hit him. Check out his movie or novel "Caught" if you want to know more about his work/experience. I own the movie and its pretty good.

May 2004

He can come across as stern and borderline gruff at times, but only because he cares deeply about what he's doing and takes it very seriously. Once the class gets under way, however, he becomes charming and very personable and generally will join the class in laughing heartily in response to a funny scene or some joke. He reviewed basic screenplay formatting for about the first 30 minutes of the first class, then ceased structured pedagogy for the remainder of the semester, repeatedly stating there is no formula or proper way to write a story. Students regularly goofed around and shouted out things in class and he seemed to relish this. Having written a produced script, he knows what he's doing and has a keen eye for finding problems in your work, and will almost always do so with supportive and helpful remarks. This class was a load of fun and very illuminating.