Joanna Cheetham

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jul 2005

I think Joanna is great. She's really nice and gives helpful feedback on papers. She always makes herself available to students and is generally pretty lax when it comes to deadlines. UW in general is a waste of time, but I enjoyed the discussions we had in class even if the class didn't help my writing.

Sep 2004

Joanna is a wonderful person and I had a much better time in her class than I expected I would. She's always willing to help outside of class and gives really good feedback on papers. She also notices when you're trying hard (which is good if you're like me and your paper sucks no matter how much time you spend on it) and she's very patient. The only thing is that she doesn't really teach you how to write. Instead the classes are centered around class discussion of the readings. Still a very good class overall.

Sep 2004

She's fantastic. Very insightful, very helpful. Dedicated to making you a better writer, and very real with evaluations. I highly recommend her class.

May 2004

I thought Joanna did a great job in writing comments on my papers and helping me become a better writer. The class discussions were generally boring and a waste of time.