Rishi Goyal

May 2016

The best professor I've had at CU. He is so enthusiastic and NICE. He legitimately cares about his students. Of the three assignments we had, I turned in two of them late and he graded them normally. The readings for this class are absolutely amazing (Frankenstein, The Argonauts, Never Let Me Go, a few fantastic medical anthropology pieces) and while you could get away without doing them, I always prioritized them – simply because they are worth reading and discussion is worth participating in. He took us out for beers etc for the last class and is really just such a homie. Also open invitation to shadow him at the emergency department at CUMC (where he is an attending). Super reasonable grader. Not easy A, but an A is possible.

Apr 2004

Rishi is one of the most helpful, enthusiastic, and interesting professors I have met at Columbia. Although I was initially intimidated by his syllabus and rules ("tardiness is a practice that will be frowned upon" and a 3 absence limit), he doesn't take attendance. Instead, you will want to attend his class just to watch him in action, sometimes getting so excited about a thought that he will write on the board so quickly as to be unintelligeable. He is very flexible in his due dates and syllabus, but he is also a very good editor and writing teacher, something it is not easy to be.