Katherine Isard

Feb 2010

I have to say that Masterpieces of Western Art was the first of the core classes I took, and there was no doubt in my mind that I was in a room full of students who would have rather been somewhere else. The first thing that Professor Isard did was try to move the mentality from requirement to discovery, and I must commend her for doing it very well. This course covers centuries of art and architecture, and she did a good job of connecting historic factors with artistic implications, and she challenged us by having us examine works of art with both analytic and emotional responses to help divulge deeper understanding or what these pieces of art meant within the context of the artists who created them, the society where the art was exposed and to us now. She is a fun lecturer, but she can be impatient if she detects that students are shlubbing. She's at her best when she has you at a museum in front of the actual work where she becomes romantic and authoritative.

Aug 2009

Kate has a cheery personality and is a good lecturer. I enjoyed her class and had a good rapport with her, but I was shocked when I received my final grade, which was the lowest I've ever seen at CU. The issue is that she's a PHD candidate, not an actual professor, and doesn't understand how the Columbia grading system and the "columbia fail" works. You will easily see a B-range grade without some serious effort and attendance, and lower efforts could possibly result in worse!

Aug 2009

Kate is a stubborn, childlike teacher who will give you a good grade if you tell her what she wants to hear. she leaves no room for creative interpretations or alternative ideas, so you have to give the answers that she wants to hear and basically regurgitate information to get a good grade. for that reason, her class is pretty easy, but you won't learn anything. all in all, she is probably one of the worst professors i've had at columbia, and also one of the easiest. she allows no critical thought in her class, just straight up memorization and vomiting of information without any excess knowledge or analysis at all. she's pretty easy if you can sit through her trying to act out every contorted greek sculpture's pose in front of the class instead of providing any real stimulating background information or context for any of the works. if you don't care about art, don't mind butchering all art history, and are willing to just regurgitate information without critically engaging with it in any way, then this is the class for you.

Dec 2003

Kate was really enjoyable to have for a professor, the final, paper, and midterms were all fairly easy and she is easy to talk to. She made the class intresting and even brought us back candy from Rome. I would recomend her