Colleen Thomas

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2020

She's great. I learned so much in her class. She tries her best to stimulate every student to think outside of what they think dance is. She can be a little hard on you, she was on me in the beginning, but she does it so her students can improve. This class expects each student to choreograph a dance piece of 3-4 min. Groups are allowed, with most being duos or trios. They can be consisted of people from class or friends or people you know outside of class. They just have to be present during the final showing of everyone's dance piece. The class steers more towards the modern to contemporary route in terms of style of dance. Every level is welcome and seen in the dance pieces. It's a great class to learn and express your creative side. She also incorporates a lot of dance exercises so that students can pull material they developed in class into their piece. And if you are stuck, she's more than happy to help you.

Mar 2009

She's amazing. Period. The way she moves and the movement she choreographs has caused me to think about my own movement in a new and more physically conscious way. She's helped me stay grounded in my movement and class is always interesting and fun. Everybody always wants to stay late and do the combination more times. Definitely take it if you can.

Jan 2009

Granted, contact improv has been a weekly habit for me for years, but Colleen is awesome -- able to explain principles, demonstrate them, and convince reluctant students to try things they think they can't do. And she actually learns your name, which in some dance classes, doesn't happen. Ever.

Jul 2005

this class is so much fun!! (learning about the use of space and weight and trust and interaction and lifting technique to do things that physically shouldn't be possible...!) Most importantly, though, Colleen is a FANTASTIC teacher. As someone with almost no dance training, I very much appreciated her patience, attention to detail, dance knowledge, creativity, and incredible ability as a dancer. Watching her easily lift the biggest student in the class, who was a foot taller than her, and then roll him around her body, gave me a sense of safety and willingness to try new things. It's a little intense because of how closely and physically you work with people you're just meeting, and you have to do it like you mean it, and not care about embarrassment...! it's definitely a workout every time. take this class, if you can, and anything with her!

Apr 2005

Colleen is the best dance instructor I've had at Barnard. Enough said.

Nov 2004

She is amazing. Her material will challenge and satisfy you no matter what level dancer you are. The class is release-y, yoga-y and "athletic" (aka go on the floor and put weight into your hands sometimes). She is really sweet and really will watch you dance and offer helpful comments. The other great thing about the class is that she is an absolutely AMAZING dancer and young enough to still really throw herself around, so just watching her is very inspiring. A very positive, hopefully permanent addition to the department.