Jessica Stanton

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Aug 2005

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend her discussion sections due to scheduling conflict. From speaking to her in office hours and her comprehensive review sessions, it was evident that Jessica is an exceptional teacher who takes the extra step(s) to help her students understand dense material. If she's as conscientious a student as she is a teacher, she'll be fine in her chosen career path.

Apr 2004

I've got to agree with most of the reviews. Jessica was a great TA. Very helpful and accessible.

Jan 2004

Jessica was a truly great TA; I attribute my success in International Politics to her. Her discussion sections were orderly, clear, and informative. She went out of her way to assist us in writing papers, and created extra office hours towards the end of the semester. She also gave very thorough, comprehensive comments when grading papers.

Dec 2003

I completely agree with the other review here—Jessica was the only thing that made Intro to IR bearable. Discussion sections included her spending a few minutes succinctly clarifying whatever the professor had confused in class, and then leading discussion in a way that both helped confused students get a good grasp on the issues and those with outside knowledge or strong opinions contribute in a productive way. She is great at synthesizing what people are saying and helping them sort out their own arguments, even on issues that aren’t her specialty. On top of this, she’s incredibly nice and genuinely eager to help her students—by far the best TA I’ve had. Next time the Political Science Department needs to ask a PhD candidate to teach, it should be her!

Dec 2003

Jessica was a great TA -- always available, great at explaining things, and a really nice person to chat with. She definitely knew her stuff (she was able to field questions from some pretty educated students), and was a pretty soft grader with good explanations for her grades. If becoming a professor is what she aims for, she'll make a great one.