Flora Ghezzo

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2006

Professor Ghezzo made me love learning again. She is an amazingly inteligent woman who expects a lot from her students, there is a lot of reading, but she has such interesting stuff to say that you WANT to read it all! Our class always had more to talk about than we could possibly get to, and the mix between Grad students and undergrad takes the class up a notch. I recocomend this class whole heartedly and I only wish I could take every class with her. She's the best!

Nov 2005

In my opinion, Professor Ghezzo is lazy and seems to only care about her own position in the department. Often late to hand back papers, never seemed to show an interest in the class. That being said, she is a nice lady and class was usually fun.

Sep 2005

GREAT teacher...I loved this class. Ghezzo is not a tough professor...she is very laid back and hilarious.

Aug 2005

I think this prof. is amazing!! I had a wonderful time in this class.

May 2005

She was a very charming person and I liked her, but I feel that the reviews here are a little too enthusiastic. She was a little lazy and too worried about getting into trouble with the core office.

Jul 2004

I was looking through the other write-ups on Professor Ghezzo and realized that, with only a small number of reviews on the website, the truth of these reviews could be overlooked. So let me convey to you again what my peers have tried before me: SHE IS AMAZING. She's awesome. She's an outstanding professor who truly engages her students. Her eccentricity is the first thing you'll notice when she walks in (purple/black hair, extremely energetic, strong Italian accent), but as the class goes on you'll realize that you should be treasuring the classes because you know you'll miss her when it's over. Someone mentioned earlier that despite our 6:00-8:00pm time slot, we loved going to class, and it's true. There were times when she would talk a little too much for our taste, but to keep it in perspective, we wouldn't have wanted to talk so much if she hadn't gotten us so fascinated with the texts! She did let us debate and discuss all the time (sometimes even about completely unrelated issues that we simply felt like talking about), and her knowledge of the texts was outstanding. There were a couple classes where she even brought in guests to lecture who were experts on the specific texts, friends of hers from Princeton and elsewhere (she used to teach there). Overall, if you manage to get her for Lit Hum, no matter what the time slot, BE GRATEFUL. This is the kind of professor who you will want to join a group of you for dinner or a movie. Her past students all wish we could take Lit Hum with her again, and a bunch of us are looking into her feminist Italian literature classes simply because she's teaching them. Get into this class.

Apr 2004

Professor Ghezzo is amazing. AMAZING. She was easily the best professor I had either semester, and this class was without a doubt my favorite. Despite the fact that it was from 6-8pm tuesday/thursday, I was (almost) always exicted to go to class and always left with a smile on my face. She is funny, very passionate about the works and knows an amazing amount. She makes the books interesting and I always felt bad if I hadn't done the reading as I couldn't fully appreciate what she and the rest of the class had to say about the texts. I had never, ever, taken a literature class before lit hum, and I am now seriously considering majoring in either english or comp lit. This class has opened my eyes to a whole other side of literature that I never knew before. I will be honestly very sad when this class is over. Despite our classes best effort, she refused to teach CC next year, and will again be taking lit hum. So if you are fortunate enough to get her, be thankful, know we're all very jealous and do NOT switch out. You won't regret it.

Apr 2004

Professor Ghezzo is really great. She is very animated and always happy. She has a lot of knowledge, especially about the Italian texts. She is hilarious and nice. Her only flaw is that she often gets so into what she's saying that she neglects the discussion aspect of the class and doesn't let any of the students speak. You would be lucky to get her for Lit Hum.

Jan 2003

Professor Ghezzo is amazing. She's enthusiastic and fun and always seems to make the class enjoyable. In a semester filled with grammar and writing, I wasn't bored once. The material is good and she is an effective and organized lecturer. She doesn't get your work back to you in a very timely manner but who cares. I strongly recommend any class that she teaches. She is a truly gifted professor.