Andrew Manson

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2004

Definitely one of the best Art Hum teachers. I registered for and then dropped two sections before lucking out on Andrew. Very good lecturer, extremely nice, loves the subject matter, organized, clear, doesn't expect you to know everything about art (or indulge too much all of those people who like to spend five minutes generously sharing with the class how a painting makes them feel). If you can get him, take him. I went into Art Hum wary because of the many bad experiences people have with it, but I ended up loving the class, remembering what I learned, and really feeling that it was a valuable experiences. In fact, if it hadn't been required I would have taken his class anyway in a heartbeat. I have to say, for a core class that's pretty extraordinary.

Jul 2003

A great teacher, very approachable, sincere and sounds interested in the subject and in teaching. He is big on analyzing art so pay attention to the discussion and his lecture, even though he says the readings are important, they arent as far as the mid term and finals are concerened. Really makes one think about art.

Jan 2003

I did not have very high expectations on this class. Yet, I ended up really loving it and left with a whole new appreciation for art. It is obviously hard to be in-depth when spanning art from the Parthenon to Frank Lloyd Wright in a single semester. But Andrew Manson does a brilliant job of it. He is sweet and knowledgeable which makes for a great environment in class. His discreet charm is not apparent until after a couple of classes, so for god-sakes stay in his section whatever your first impression may be. His class made for a truly great Art hum experience.