Lisa Northrop

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2018

Sweet lady, good class - I had never practiced yoga in my life and she taught me a fair amount. Strict about being to class on time, but fair because class is pass/fail based on attendance.

Nov 2018

Looking back at the old reviews I wonder if she's changed... She's not a difficult teacher, but she's a very intense person which doesn't lend itself well to yoga in my opinion. She does have a lot of expertise and she'll teach you how to do poses correctly (which is really important so you don't injure yourself), but her attitude towards yoga is strange and didn't really allow the relaxation and mindfulness aspects to come through. She also tends to go on long tangents at the beginning of class which waste time and really weren't valuable for me. I appreciate that she allows you to indicate if you want hands-on adjustments because consent is really important! So kudos to her for that. I have to say I did feel really prepared for taking non-Barnard yoga classes because she spent so much time making sure we were doing poses correctly.

Mar 2007

Both Lisa and her class are fun. She never pushes students beyond their limits, but works with them to make sure they get the most out of the class. Taking yoga in the morning was a great way to start out my day. Lisa allows you to miss three classes (missing four gets you an F) and factors in lates, but you will want to be in class anyway. During exam times she even spends full classes focussing on relaxation. Hers is a true joy of a phys. ed. class!

May 2006

She's really nice but can be anal about putting away the mats and props to her specifications. She is an excellent yoga instructor, and if you've never taken yoga before, you'll be fine in this course. She's pretty hardcore about attendance and lateness too...

Dec 2004

She's awesome, very understanding and guides the beginners into the ideology of yoga rather than the physical aspect of it alone. I loved going to her class because she encouraged us to achieve goals without pushing our own limits, and it was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. She is an excellent teacher, I now feel confident in going to other yoga classes.

Apr 2004

She's fun, very knowledgeable, funny, and cares. Very enjoyable class, with real attention paid to accomadating both students with no knowledge and students with a lot of knowledge. And she makes everyone feel comfortable. I took the class a second time just because I enjoyed it, even though I'd already finished the P.E. requirement. Take anything with her.

Jan 2004

Take a class with Lisa! She's really, really nice and she really knows her stuff. At first, I thought the yoga class might be too simple (I have taken other ones) but in fact it was a nice pace and she challenged everyone to really work on doing the poses correctly. Her knowledge of both yoga and Western sports medicine made her suggestions really worth listening to.

Dec 2002

Even though she only teaches part-time, take a gym class with her!! She gets really into the workout and motivates everyone to just try their hardest even if they are really lazy. Unlike a previous teacher I had who criticized every move you made if it wasn't perfect, Lisa made sure everyone was doing ok during the whole class. I didn't feel like I got the most intense workout ever, but it was a great way to finish my gym requirement.