Page Knox

May 2021

all the (good) reviews are true!!!! I absolutely adored art hum with dr. knox, and this is coming from someone with literally no art history background. She's so, so passionate about the stuff she teaches and makes it seem really approachable in the way that she presents it. Workload is also not heavy at all; there are a few longer readings, but they're generally few and far in between (and to be honest, you can mostly skim them for the general idea), and the papers don't feel like much of a slog at all because she covers the subjects of the papers really well beforehand, so all you need to do is be able to summarize and structure those ideas in paper-format. It's also kind of impossible to not participate, at least in part, in her class because she likes to draw every student into the conversation, so it's not like she'll hit you with a low participation grade out of nowhere because she really makes an effort to hear from everyone. if her class is open and fits into your schedule, take it!!!!

May 2021

gold nugget material, TAKE HER CLASS!!!!!! I learned so much and now I want to talk about art with her forever. shes amazing, a genius, understanding and fun

Apr 2021

She deserves a gold nugget! Literally the best instructor in the core I've ever had in my almost 4 years at Columbia. She absolutely loves art and it really shows. Honestly just take her class, you won't regret it. GOAT!

Mar 2020

She is literally the definition of the GOAT! TAKE THIS CLASS!

Dec 2018

IF YOU READ NO OTHER PART OF THIS REVIEW, JUST KNOW YOU SHOULD TAKE/STAY IN THIS CLASS!!! Art Hum with Page Knox is something you won’t regret. Here's why: * Prof. Knox is great at her job. Her lectures were informative, engaging, and concise. She posts all of her slides online (pro tip: print them out before each class to take notes), and provides in-class guides for each lecture. I never went to office hours, but she was always responsive via email and after class. * She acknowledges the lack of diversity in the Core. There was an entire class on Kerry James Marshall (this amount of time was not dedicated to any other artist). Google him if you're not familiar, he's the best. * It’s not difficult to get a good grade, regardless of your background in art. I came in knowing nothing and was fine, but so were the other kids who were Art/Art History majors etc. PARTICIPATION IS KEY. * The workload is more than manageable. Her assignments aren’t too frequent or taxing, and she provides detailed instructions on how they should be completed. * The field trips. They were time consuming and annoying to schedule, but there is so much value in seeing the artwork you've studied in person. Like the other reviews mention, Prof. Knox works at the Met and gives most of her tours there. There are also trips to MoMA, The Whitney, The Frick, and the cathedral on 110th. Most trips are optional! I definitely did not expect to enjoy a required 8:40 as much as I did, this woman deserves a nugget!

Apr 2017

Take her class. Learn art. ??? Profit. Great professor, deserves a gold nugget.

May 2015

Page is AMAZING. I absolutely loved her class. At first she was slightly off-putting and came off a little aloof and too good for us but as the course went on, she became so approachable and so kind. I highly recommend emailing her to ask for museum suggestions if you ever travel anywhere because she will jump on that as an opportunity to give you a list of like 50 places to see complete with her personal annotations. There are a lot of museum trips involved in her section, partly because she's a lecturer at the Met which really comes in handy for getting privileged access to certain appointment-only rooms which is awesome. Page is a clear, concise lecturer who made an 8:40 section worthwhile and extremely interesting. Take this class!

Jan 2015

The biggest benefit of Knox is that she's been teaching for a while, and she works at the Met and is well connected to the museum scene. So she'll offer lots of field trips, which are actually kind of fun, and an easy way to get face time with her. She's pretty passionate about lots of the art, and is well organized. She offered a review section for the final, alternate times for field trips, etc. The downside, IMO, is that she often seems to want a single right answer from the class, and when she asks questions she doesn't really embrace alternate or conflicting opinions. The midterm had some tricky identification questions, and involved a bit more memorization, and a little bit of writing. The final had easy IDs for unknown works by artists (but come on, at the end of the semester if you can't tell pollock vs rembrandt vs picsasso you deserve a poor grade), plus a bunch of written responses/essays. Overall she's a totally fine art hum professor and offers a very acceptable and normal section. You can easily do well if you show up to class, pay attention, and actually visit the museums to write your papers.

Dec 2013

Would DEFINITELY recommend taking Art Hum with Page. Very straight forward instruction, little to no reading. 3 short papers, and a basic midterm and final exam that shouldn't stress you if you take good notes in class. Professor Knox is an incredible instructor, who makes sure you walk away from the class having learned a thing or two about art, and an appreciation for the vast opportunities to experience it here in the city. (While we may have taken one trip too many to the Met, there is no other way to appreciate being so close to the Monets you learn about in class.) Most important thing would be to participate, which shouldn't be too hard given her light-hearted and engaging character. Such a sweet instructor, wish I had more like her! TAKE ART HUM WITH HER.

Jan 2005

Page is a great teacher. Although class is somewhat reminiscent of high school, I came out having learned a lot about art. She is very accomadating, and knowledgable. I would definitely recommend her for fulfilling the requirement.

May 2004

Page is really sweet. This is a class that really favors the beginning-- upon starting, I couldn't have told you the difference between Bruegel and Bosch if my life depended on it. She is always ready to help you out and give you a hand. Show the least bit of effort, and you'll get rewarded for it. She's really cool about things-- like we had Jackson Pollack day (take a guess) and she took us out to dinner after field trips. Page's class is neither challenging nor particularly ground-breaking, but it's a fun, easy- going way to fulfil art hum.

Nov 2002

She's a great teacher, my ass. She's insipid, stupid, idiotic, dull, (add synonym for stupid, don't worry, it won't be excessive). She grades papers based on how they agree with her thoughts, not how well-argued or knowledgeable they are. She's a tricky one too, you'll find out when you take tests. It's surprising how someone this stupid can be crafty.

Nov 2002

I totally disagree with any negative comment made about Page. She is an increadibly informative teacher and her coarse was not only interesting but fun. She took us on many amazing field trips and obviously spent a lot of time preparing fpr this class. She is responsible for all of my newfound knowledge about art in general and is a great teacher !!!

Sep 2002

If you like next to no work, take a Page Knox art class. However, if you like professors who don't deliberately misdirect students, please don't. She'll put arbitrary pieces of art on the exam (art shown in class for 1 sec) and arbitrary comments on your papers. Next to no work, easy to get out off with a decent grade.