Kyle Bagwell

May 2004

Great prof who definitely cares at least as much about his students as he does his research. Grades are fair, but be prepared to struggle if you're working outside your major.

Jun 2002

Woah. Firstly, there' s no textbook to this class (a suggested one, but it has very few of the models he lectures on, and if it does it works through things differently). So you have to have to rely entirely on your notes, especially since our TA (Such Virabak) was really good at not coming to recitation, and avoiding all student contact. You can feel lost in this class easily. Bagwell is a great lecturer, a litle dry, but he goes really fast so you have to pay attention every minute. He developed some of the models he teaches, so he knows it backwards and forwards. He spits his logic out like water, and you won't know what hit you. However, his tests don't call far the in depth mathematical understanding that he presents in class, but who would have known. You study it anyways in panic. He usually asks you to to do two math problems (memorize the steps!) and two written essays. But hey, he doesn't grade the tests. He doesn't give hw, just "try it yourself" problems sets. Overall, I felt like I was constantly trying to grasp for some foundation, but instead you've just got a lot of models you're not sure about. That's not to say they're not interesting, and he's not a really cool guy.