Banks Violette

Jul 2003

Banks is a cool-dude. Honing his craft in beautiful Ithaca, NY, he took an interest in the darker side of life. His work and studies are meticulous, creative and harken back to the days of punk-rock, while maintaining the sensibility and refinement that seperate him from others who would hope to be like him. A true artiste, he is to new art what Columbo was to police-dramas. Yes, on Gilligan's Island, Banks would be the Proffessor, honing his craft on a willing and able Ginger, or, Marianne. Like Sid Vicious so eloquently said, many years back, "...bliuckhh!!!" Need I say more? In closing, to know Banks is to love him, and to live with him, well, that's another story. ---DogEatDog

Jun 2003

Banks is a great guy. He recognizes that most of his basic drawing class is composed of people taking the class for fun or to satisfy a requirement and adjusts his teaching style accordingly. I went in terrified that I wouldn't be a good artist, that I'd be embarrassed evey day of class, and that it would be a thoroughly unpleasant and humiliating experience. Banks' laid-back style, however, creates a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere in which people to feel enough confidence in their abilties that they can concentrate on improving their skills rather than stressing out about how few skills they may actually have. All in all, this class is a great experience, especially for a beginning artist.

Jun 2002

"I don't know how to draw." This is what "Banks" said to his students the first day of class. As a result, the semester long class was him experiementing with ways to teach a class he was not really prepared enough for. He's a nice guy, the projects are okay, but don't expect too much. You're unlikely to be enlightened, but you will learn somewhat because you do spend hours in class and at home doing projects. If you're self motivated, then you will get a lot more out of it, but if you are not really an art person then don't take it, beause you will only be bored. Not a great class, but neither is it bad. Just "eh nothing special."