Edward Ciaccio

Dec 2005

Although a very nice guy and an interesting teacher, Prof. Ciaccio has changed in recent times. He is no longer as laid back about his grading. You probably will not learn much, and get a B for trying. Avoid at all costs. He said he was going to start giving exams too.

May 2005

Prof. Ciaccio is awesome, to say the least. Nowhere else in the BME department will you find a professor who genuinely cares so much about his students. No matter what subject, I wholeheartedly reccomend any class he teaches.

May 2002

This class was a very amusing, sometimes sleepy joke, mostly due to the absentminded professorness of Ciaccio. He's a very nice guy, but scatterbrained is too organized to describe him. He likes to tell random anecdotes so be ready to say, "Jigga wha...?" The lectures were interesting and well explained. Even though I took this class because I heard it was an easy A, I actually liked the material. No need for the first semester of this class.