Daniel Johnson

May 2002

After taking my requisite four semesters of Spanish, I decided to try out French, just for fun. Yikes. I'm glad I got Daniel Johnson as the instructor for my noble experiment, or I think it would have been an even more enormous pain in my butt than it already was. He's very nice and pretty laid-back, which helped, and he has an excellent dry sense of humor. My only real complaint would be his class management and organization: nitty-gritty stuff like what would be assigned when, what we would do in class each day, when the tests would be and what they would be on, etc. He would do stuff like forget what exercises we had done in the last class and, seeming not to hear the class's protests, go over the same exercises all over again. But if you don't mind a little flakiness, this class is definitely not a bad experience.