Jason James

May 2002

Jason James is going to be a great professor one day, and right now he is a diamond in the rough. He's young, which makes it easier to click with him than an older professor, and still has something of the exuberance and playfulness of a student. He's an incredibly enthusiastic emailer, grader, and professor, he goes out of his way to make himself available and be helpful. He's also very tolerant. He's on top of his subject and he teaches very interesting material. If there is a problem, it is related in many ways to his assets: he is still a bit young and inexperienced and he hasn't quite gotten the hang of running a seminar. Sometimes he lets the discussion run away from the material and he's working on projecting a proper sense of authority. I always found class to be a pleasure, the readings to be interesting, and James himself to be easy and fun to deal with. I would definitely take a class with him again.