Horst Stormer

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Mar 2008

One of my favorite professors. Highly approachable, wickedly smart, has a good sense of humor, and hey, he's got a little souvenir from Stockholm sitting in his desk drawer too. Don't expect him to just tell you the answer when you ask a question - he much prefers to lead you through the logic so that you actually understand it in the end. Aggravating, yes, but you'll learn a lot.

Nov 2007

Brutal. Stormer has no concept of the fact that Frontiers is considered a joke by many (most?) the students. Consequently, he has no problem giving out terrible grades. Avoid him at all costs if you want to sit back and enjoy frontiers- award winning physicist he may be, but people person? professor? even minutely compassionate? not so much. or at all. however, if you're the overzealous columbia student that has no problem working their ass off, and kissing up, to a guy like Stormer in a class like Fronters, then you may actually like it.

May 2007

As Frontiers seminar leaders go, you could do worse than a Nobel Prize-wining physicist. Horst’s section is very laid back; basically all you do is go over lecture questions and discuss them. This leads to a few issues, though: we never started the assignment we were supposed to do in seminar until there were only 20 minutes left in the period, and then we'd have to rush through the activity so quickly that it was hardly worth doing at all. Horst also doesn't take the time to talk about the little things that are most important for Frontiers - it took a lot of wheedling to get him to explain in simple terms how to do a Gaussian distribution because he assumed that we knew how to do it already. Horst is great one-on-one (if you’re having trouble, just go to his office hours every week – you’ll get 20/20 on WIAs every time), but not for a large group; I felt very unprepared for the midterm because of how we spent our time in class. He's a nice person and occasionally hilarious, but you might get the most out of Frontiers (which isn't going to be a lot either way, let's face it) with another section leader.

Nov 2004

The Applied Physics Department knew what they were doing when they got Prof Stormer to lead the seminar. He's one of the friendliest professors i've had a class with, and his sense of humor and collection of anecdotes keeps class entertaining. The Applied Physics Seminar is probably the easiest course required for the major, at least at the Junior level. For the first half of the semester, sessions consisted of the whole class attempting to solve some sort of random problem-- posed by professor Stormer at the beginning of class-- to the nearest order of magnitude. The second half of the semester consisted of the Seniors giving presentations on various aspects of applied physics (anything from Quantum Dot lasers, to keeping warm in the winter).