Patrizia Palumbo

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2020

I have mixed feelings about Professor Palumbo. It is true that she cares about her students, but I found this class a little (very) boring. I quite enjoyed some of the films we talked about in class, however, I don't know if her teaching doesn't translate well to Zoom University or what, but I was really excited about having a class with her and I did not enjoy it most of the time.

Aug 2020

Patrizia is such a great professor! She has a great attitude and knows how to approach the process of language teaching. She obviously really cares about her students learning Italian and getting comfortable with it, and her work load is not too heavy while still being just enough to allow you to practice on a regular basis. Thinking of taking another class with her! Would definitely recommend.

Jan 2018

Patrizia is an amazing woman. I took Advanced Conversation with her, we were only 6 students. She asked our opinion about every topic and let us shape the class as we wanted. You don't need to worry about grades at all. Even when she schedules an assignment (like, once per semester), you can ask her to postpone it if you have a fair reason. She basically wants people to talk and practice, what is great. We had a lot of "extra" events as well. She brought snacks to us when we were talking about food, we went to see the tree lightning festival because it was just during our class time, and we had lunch at faculty house together. I definitely recommend taking a class with Patrizia because I feel you'll get closer not only to her but also to your peers. Every language teacher should be like Patrizia. Taking Italian with her means you will be prompted to speak, not threatened. She is an amazing woman, and will do anything she can for the class.

Apr 2011

Professor Palumbo was absolutely amazing. I can do nothing but praise her. She makes the lessons as painless as possible, and doesn't waste your time with hours of busywork in or out of class. Class time was, if I dare say, enjoyable. We spent a lot of time casually conversing in Italian and it was great to spend that time practicing. She's very encouraging as a teacher (but not in an annoying way), and won't single you out or make you uncomfortable if you don't know an answer. The way she runs the class is very relaxed. On top of being a great teacher, Prof. Palumbo is a really nice person and it was refreshing to have a teacher that wanted to get to know you as a human being.

Jan 2011

Professor Palumbo is, in short, amazing. Ideal. This woman deserves a gold star. Honestly, there's absolutely nothing more you could want in a language teacher. She genuinely cares about her students and, above all, LOVES to teach-- which isn't so common at Columbia. Additionally, she's very lenient with grading, which is a relief in a language class-- it allows you to relax and to let yourself to make mistakes, take linguistic risks. And she has an adorable accent (even if most of the class is conducted in Italian.) Although she assigns a lot of work, I wouldn't stress about it. Do it if you think it helps you, but Prof. Palumbo won't force you to do what you don't want to do-- or think that you don't need (if you really don't need it.) Overall, this class was a joy. You'll definitely reap what you sow. If you don't participate or do the work, you won't learn Italian (very well.) But if you have a genuine interest in learning Italian, this is as good as it gets.

Jan 2010

Prof Palumbo is a wonderful teacher. She is warm, caring, approachable, attentive, and eager to teach Italian. I took Advanced Italian II: Italian in Film Comedy with her in the Spring of 2009. The class was structured around decades (we started with the '40s) and every one-two weeks we would watch another film. Besides discussing the films sometimes she also had grammar review sheets for us to complete in class. Also, just a small note, you had to watch the films outside of class. Like the other reviewer there is absolutely nothing bad to say about Prof. Palumbo. I also had Advanced Italian Conversation II with her which is a really fun class and a great way to keep up your Italian.

Jan 2006

She is the sweetest woman ever and a very good teacher. I would highly recomend her. I really dont know what to write, other than that she seems faultless in my eyes, very understanding about assignments and deadlines. I highly recomend any class with her.

Jan 2006

She is great! Really understanding and down-to-earth. She is very accomodating and really cares for her students. She knows it is a lot of material so she is really helpful.

Jul 2005

Patrizia is great. She's really nice and genuinely seems to care about her students. She's also very relaxed about deadlines and grading compositions. How much you learn is completely based on how much you pay attention and how much effort you put in.

Jan 2005

Patrizia is an awesome teacher! I had her for two semesters and thought that her class was awesome. The workload is incredibly light and learning really depends on your own participation.

Jun 2003

I loved her! Even though she is an easy grader and has a lax attitude about departemental busy work, I still learned a lot this semester. She explains things much better than my teacher last semester, perhaps because she isn't afraid to speak in English. But that isn't to say that Italian is not spoken in class. The class is more like conversational Italian, which is good at this stage of the game. Some people chose not to speak any Italian during the semester, answering all questions in English, and Patrizia did not object. However, it was more beneficial and became increasingly easier to just answer in Italian. We also got to go on some cool field trips since the class meets at 6-8 pm. I guess the only thing about this class is that the student is responsible for learning a lot of the material because it is easy to get away with slacking off. If you don't need someone to hold your hand through the foreign language requirement and are a mature, self-driven student interested in learning Italian in a relaxed environment, this class should be perfect.

Apr 2003

I absolutely dreaded Italian, but I love Patrizia's class. Patrizia is a really sweet, easy-going and fun lady who makes Italian seem like fun rather than a chore. True, she does speak English often in class, but THIS IS A GOOD THING. She speaks in Italian, and then repeats everything in English, so the information actually sinks in. Also, Patrizia does not drag her classes through all of the department assigned busy-work, and she arranges Italian field-trips. I love this lady-- if you have the opportunity, take her class.

Feb 2003

It may be "EASY," but that is only because Patrizia is "L-A-Z-Y" Her "pigra" attitude is reflected in her students disrespect and her lack of involvement. She speaks in English most of the time and really doesn't care whether or not her students learn anything. Take this class if you don't care.

Nov 2002

Patrizia was by far my best teacher this semester. She is funny, easygoing, and her class is more than manageable. The departmental work gets assigned but she doesnt really care if you do it or not. It is hard not to get an A in this class if you pay attention and do minimal work and studying at home. Overall an easy, enjoyable class.

May 2002

E-A-S-Y. The Italian Department asks teachers to assign lots of busywork, but Patrizia doesn't care if you actually do any of it. She's supernice and relates very well to students, and her accent is adorable! If it didn't meet at such a God-awful time (6-8 pm MW), this class would be perfect. but it's still highly recommended.