Denise Budd

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Aug 2018

If you’re taking art hum because you want to learn the material, you may enjoy class with Budd, otherwise, AVOID. The grade in the course is 65% from 2 exams that are EXTREMELY difficult and she takes off points for the smallest details. In addition, there are 2 papers and participation counts for only a very small portion of the grade. In other sections, participation counts for a significant chunk of the grade and the professors are more self aware as to why students are enrolled in the course. Additionally, Budd computes from New Jersey, so there are no office hours or other opportunities to meet with her outside of class. Overall, this class ended up being way more work then it should have been, so I would strongly suggest avoiding unless you have a strong interest in art history and are fine putting in 10+ hours and work outside of class each week.

Dec 2008

What an amazing class. Denise completely changed the way I saw, thought about, and talked about art. She's smart, funny, great at giving everyone a chance to speak. Fair grader. Some complain that she's so easygoing in class and then serves up really hard tests. I didn't find that to be true. She made class enjoyable and fun but warned you upfront that you would have to study. And plus she's very sympathetic to her students and gives out candy almost all the time. I dug her.

May 2008

Great professor. Makes the class very entertaining and interesting while still teaching a lot. Down-to-earth and very accessible. Now when I go to art museums (which I now like to do) I can really look at the art meaningfully. Fair grader, fair but not simple exams, little to no work exceot for the final paper. Take this class!

Jan 2008

Denise Budd is top of the line. Her lectures are well organized, fast paced, and entertaining: she's one of the funniest and most concise lecturers I've had at the university. Along with that, she's an extremely fair (and often, generous) grader, taking both improvement and effort in to consideration. I could write on and on, but there's really only one thing you need to know about her class: take it.

Dec 2007

Professor Denise Budd is one unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable lady (Yes, she deserves every “unbelievable”). She is so passionate about art history, art restoration, Renaissance art (her expertise), and most of all, about sharing her knowledge and ardor. Even though we sit in a dark classroom on the mornings, there are only a few sleepy eyes in the room. Professor Budd puts her whole heart and energy into making every class coherent and intriguing. Unless hit with amnesia, I will never forget anything from the Parthenon to Pollock to her hilarious anecdotes about the crazy artists whose works we study. Professor Budd took us on a personal tour around the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) twice and also St. John the Divine Cathedral. I can honestly say that I have never been more entertained and amused in my life…nor have I ever learned so much in a single hour. She has generated an enthusiasm in all of us for sculpture, architecture, and painting. She fuels this by allowing us great flexibility on every paper and then supporting us on each of these intellectual endeavors. For the final paper, I had only mentioned my idea to her and was thus thoroughly surprised and delighted to find a lengthy email that evening with her ideas and resources to explore. She turned our once mostly apathetic class into a room of art aficionados. Everyone seems highly invested in their papers and stroll in with proud smiles the day they hand them over. Even when we have disappointed her a bit, she still wears the sincerest grin and gives us generous chances to make amends and learn the material wholeheartedly. You can tell that Professor Budd genuinely cares for every student and for the course material. She seems to know everything about art and makes a real effort to know each student. Furthermore, she brings cheer to every class with her candy, anecdotes, fervor, and humor. Professor Budd is zest, zeal, and everything you would want in a professor and in ArtHum...

Mar 2003

The last review of Denise must have been written by a very bitter person who did badly in art hum and is just angry or else someone really pretentious and obnoxious who has nothing better to do with their time than write nasty reviews about obviously great teachers. Because as you can tell by the rest of the reviews, Denise is amazing. This is my first Culpa review but I couldnt let this really cool, really nice, really smart teacher be bashed. Even though the lights are off most of the time because of slides, I dont think anyone ever fell asleep in this class. Denise always has energy and some witty comment to lighten the mood and she is realistic about her expectations because she knows how much students hate to work hard, especially for a core class. I am totally not an art person and I expected to do really badly in this class, but Denise spent lots of time helping me out, giving me tips, and I ended up getting an A, not because she just gave it to me, but because she actually taught me how to think differently. Do whatever you can to have her for art hum. From the first day, even though I had a schedule conflict with Denise's section, I knew I had to give up something else to stay in her class. And really, the fact that she's not some annoying loser is a huge plus - shes great just to talk to even not about art.

Mar 2003

This was the worst class ever. Budd was condescending, annoying, and has a bad dye job. Her only saving grace was her interest in criticizing art restoration. She's a classic case of someone scared off by the art world so they took the more milder path of art history. If that's your case or you know nothing about art (as she puts it, donatello is one of the ninja turtles) this class is for you.

Dec 2002

Denise Budd is cash money. She's funny, interesting, and knows a lot about art and art history. If you can, find out what section of art hum she is taking and get into it. She even brings candy to class-- what more could you ask for? Plus, by the end of the semester, you will be surprised to find out that you've learned a lot and get more out of a typical trip to the museum.

Dec 2002

The above reviewer is right on. Prof. (she recently got her Ph.D) Budd is totally awesome! She knows a ton about Renaissance Art, which is her specialty, and actually makes it interesting with funny quips about the lives of the crazy geniuses we study . Who knew that Michelangelo wore the same boots all the time while he painted the sistine chapel and never took them off! She even organized a dinner paid for by art hum at columbia cottage and entertained the class with funny stories about her adventures in Italy and her crazy art classes at Rutgers U. I hope she becomes a professor because she would totally liven up the art history department with her classy style, sharp wit, and breadth of knowledge....Rock on Prof. Budd! Added bonus: If you take her section, you get to say: My art hum teacher's name is Prof. Budd, which, depending on your group of friends, usually elicits a knowing smile and nod ; )

Apr 2002

DENISE BUDD ROCKS MY WORLD. Funny, incredibly knowledgable, and, best of all, laid back, she makes what could be the most boring class incredibly interesting and chill. You will anxiously await the next time she tells a story about illegaly photgraphing art on one of her many trips to Italy or expounds (much like Professor Beck) on the evils of art restoration. I wish this woman were a Prof, i would worship at her office!