Judith Gibber

Feb 2004

Professor Gibber is probably the best professor I've had at Columbia so far. Does she go off on tangents? Yes, but they are really interesting and usually apply the material she's going over (so it helps to demonstrate her point). She is disorganized sometimes, but it doesn't detract from the class at all because she knows what she is talking about otherwise...I guess it could detract from the class if you're pretentious or one of those students the rest of us find annoying, but for the rest of us they provide nice breaks in writing. Also, the only reason she is disorganized is because everyone and their mother asks her for a recommendation, in addition to all the stuff she does for the bio department. I would definitely consider her inspiring and her class is not that bad (as in hard) at all and I would consider myself a huge slacker (I crammed for every test). She always answers questions and is willing to discuss anything with anybody thoroughly. Her lectures are so easy to follow and she makes the material seem really easy and almost intuitive. This class is great.

Jan 2004

Dr. Gibber is a fantastic prof, one of the best in the bio department. I disagree with the negative comments about her lectures, she does go on tangents at times, but her powerpoint lectures are always well organized and clear and are posted on the web after class, and all the material on her exams comes from the lectures. It's an advantage to do the optional reading before class, but not necessary. Gibber's great about answering questions, if she doesn't know herself she'll look it up and then respond. She's also very open about office hours, she doesn't post them but if you stop by her office and she's there she's usually available to talk. Definitely recommend this class to others!

Jan 2004

This is a good class if you liked the second semester of C2006. It's the same layout of lectures and problem sets. However, for some reason this semester Dr. Gibber was extremely disorganized for the lectures so a lot of time was spent waiting for her to remember what to say on each slide. The grading on the five miniexams was retarded to say the least. You get five points taken off if you do not describe a term in detail that most would consider very basic. A word of advice on the exams: to avoid arbitrary points being taken off everywhere, explain everything that has to do with the subject she's asking about. Don't limit yourself to a coherent and inductive explanation. Go into every minute detail of every process or points will be taken off inexplicably. Overall I really liked the content of this class, as all premeds do, but the administrative aspect of this course was awful. Dr. Gibber is funny, but her jokes lose their charm through the semester as your exams are handed back three weeks after you take them.

Dec 2003

In my opinion, Dr. Gibber is an odd lady. She always sounds like she has a cold and lectures rather quickly. She is quite disorganized. Visit her office sometime and see what a mess it is--papers everywhere. She only taught a section of Bio using her famous Powerpoint slides. My advice to the Pre-Meds who are in Bio with Gibber is to go over the slides and to USE THE BOOK to uncover the tiny details portrayed in a vague manner on her slides--as these details will be on the Test. She is big on application questions and a student must get use to her method of testing--if you know the answer, be as specific as possible in your response. If you dont know it, then spit out some vague memorized phrase telling the reason for your answer and youll get some partial credit. Take Physiology if you want a great prep for the MCAT and are willing to deal with the frequent cramming for the 5 mini-exams. And I do have to say, I found it tough to be a male in her class--3 Asian girls for TAs in Physio and the study of the male reproductive system was interesting...

Jul 2003

If you like the feeling of being a slave and listening to endless her doctrines go take this class( though if you have a choice do not ruin your whole semester) she is awefully bossy over class. Help!

Jan 2003

I took both C2006 and Physiology with Dr. Gibber, and to sum it up in a few words the experience was extremely informative, exciting and incomparable. You will not only learn about how the systems of the body work individually and in conjunction with one another, but Dr. Gibber constantly applies these new concepts to current relevant research techniques and published articles. Her exams are about 30% straightforward questions, and 70% thought questions, which can be fairly difficult but as long as you are able to write down something about the fundamental concepts pertaining to the question, there is a good chance of receiving generous partial credit. Her lectures are all powerpoint, which are really helpful to study from, and she is extremely helpful in delineating concepts via email. If you are interested in how your body works, take this class. If you are a Bio major and interested in how your body works and learning how to read and critique research studies, take this class. If you are looking for an easy A, this is not the class for you, but take it anyway, it'll make you a better person in the long run.

Jan 2002

If you like disorganization, having classes cancelled and rescheduled for inconvenient times, not getting any of your work returned for weeks on end and a Professor who is completely not interested in helping you ie. personal attention, by all means take this class.

Nov 2001

Dr. Gibber is a great teacher. Her lectures are informative and interesting. She uses excellent Power Point slides (some animated!) to help explain the material in a clear and concise fashion. Be warned, though, she speaks rather quickly. She's a very friendly person, and will answer your emails within hours, up to and including 3 AM.