Andras Kisery

Jan 2007

How poor Andras got stuck teaching the GS students is quite beyond me. The class is not so much about improving your writing as it is laughing at your fellow students, most of whom cannot construct a simple sentence, let alone any sort of a coherent paper. Despite the poor intellectual quality of the majority of his students, Andras really does go out of his way to be helpful. If you cannot attend his office hours, he will be sure to schedule another time (even if it inconveniences him) where you can meet up with him and discuss. If you show him that you're slightly smarter than the average bear, he'll open up somewhat. The only downside is he's an extreme liberal, and most of the class reading material reflects that. The readings were truly awful in an intellectual sense, but generally quite an easy read. The only exception was an idiotic (long, pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, incoherent) essay written by two people in the Columbia English department. Whoda thunkit.

Dec 2004

One of the nicest, most refreshing people you will meet at Columbia. He doesn't ask much of the class but somehow your writing will improve dramatically. He is a very faire grader and a lovely person to be around. Extremely available outside class, you can even email him drafts and he will email you comments back. The due dates are wonderfully flexible. He's great.