Marcia Welles

Nov 2004

This is a very interesting topic and the professor provides a lot of primary and secondary source readings worth looking at. Unfortunately, if you do the reading the class can be boring because she basically restates what you've already learned. And there really are too many things to read; not all of them are worth it. No class discussions. But the professor is a very kind and helpful lady. She really puts her heart into this class

Jan 2000

Welles is a brilliant and personable woman, extremely well-versed in both the history and literature of the middle ages. Unfortunately, she has managed to select the longest and most tedious readings possible, peppering the class with her incomprehensible commentary (speaks Spanish with a perfect American accent, won't allow a word of English spoken), and an obscene number of irrelevant handouts. If you do 25% of the reading, you'll be the most prepared one in the class. It's a required course for Spanish majors, so kiss up a little bit, try to stay awake in class, and you'll do fine.