Dhananjay Jagannathan

Dec 2019

I will begin by saying that if you are interested in philosophy and planning on having this be your first philosophy class -- dont do it. this was not my first philosophy class and i found the presentation of the material confusing, the work grueling for no reason, and the grading harsh. There is so much work for this class, granted this is a history of Phil class.. The readings were short for the most part, but dense -- and there are reading quizzes at the beginning of every class including the first class we took. The quizzes were confusing, very specific and HARD. it is definitely worth it to take an intro philosophy class before taking this one The professor is theatrical so i guess the lectures were somewhat interesting, however, the professor teaches as if this is a graduate level course so if you are not down with the lingo you will suffer. Dont be late for class, and dont use technology he will flip out at "the disrespect." also note that he entertains every silly question asked by any student trying to have his or her voice heard. Your grade in this class will depend on your TA, Ethan was incredible and was a true life line in this course.