Awo Sumah

Dec 2019

I am not a fan of the way Yayra "teaches" CC. Here's why: 1. The weekly reading workload was ridiculous. This stands for all CC classes, but she made changes to the syllabus (seemingly without reason) and added even more to it. 2. I am not sure that I learned anything, and not for lack of trying. All discussions were theoretical and focused on subjects which were largely tangential. Most of her questions were high-level and arbitrary, and I suspect she would have had a hard time answering them herself. 3. Grading for paper assignments could only be described as 'nitpicky'. Her "evaluative criteria" handout for every paper (which she usually sent out on the night the assignment was due) tended to obscure her expectations for the assignment. 4. The second half of the semester was entirely student presentations with limited input from the actual instructor (come on, Columbia). 5. There was no help for those who had questions. Office hours were largely a waste of time, as she just regurgitated points made in class discussions. Multiple students in my section asked her for help on written assignments, only to have her tell them "no", as if she was not LITERALLY being paid to INSTRUCT. I concede that CC is not fun for students and imagine that it is even less fun for instructors, but this was on another level. No one wanted to be there, Yayra included. Don't take CC with Yayra if you 1) want to learn anything or 2) want to get an A. Oh, and it's a 8:10. TLDR: DO NOT TAKE THIS SECTION UNLESS YOU HAVE TO!!!