Micah McElroy

Apr 2020

Micah is one of the most knowledgeable professors I have had at Columbia. While he is a graduate student working towards his Ph.D., he did a wonderful job always coming prepared for seminar and thinking of new ways to engage and encourage discussion. Everyone in our seminar felt comfortable to speak and participate. Additionally, Micah's syllabus was well thought out, and he always displayed a great understanding of the topic and each individual reading. While it was not necessary to read every page assigned, I still am leaving the course with a comprehensive understanding of the history of philanthropy and my own personal opinions about the topic. Lastly, Micah takes so much time and effort to carefully edit and give feedback on papers/drafts. He is constantly suggesting further research and pushing students to go further in their analysis. I don't think I have ever received so many comments from a professor. Micah is a great professor because he is clearly passionate about the history of philanthropy, which clearly translates into his ability to enthusiastically teach the topic and spend a lot of time helping his students learn more.