Tomislav Rovis

Dec 2020

This class is split in half with Tom teaching through the midterm, and Dali teaching from the midterm through the final. It is essentially two classes lumped into one because Dali's half is non-cumulative. Tom goes very quickly. He has packets that he teaches from with lots and lots of content that he only goes over some of. This half was a lot more work to me because you have to keep up and review the things he doesn't go over. He is always willing to answer questions if you are lost though. His problem sets are quite difficult, as is the midterm. There are also Monday Night Pset times when there are separate sets of problems that are to be completed to go over at that time. Dali goes at a snail's pace in comparison. He knows exactly what he wants you to know, and he teaches that to you. His problem sets are mostly based on the readings (papers) he assigns. The exam also is largely easier than Tom's in the sense that most of its content has been provided to you in some form earlier. The Monday Night things were scheduled for this half but largely forgotten about. Overall, learned a lot. It was a lot of work though (as grad classes are). Definitely for people who care about organic synthesis.