Katrina Dzyak

Dec 2020

If you have Katrina for a discussion section or class where she grades anything for you, switch out immediately. She's nice on the surface and initially, I liked her, but below she's one of the harshest graders I have come into contact with and extremely unavailable to her students. I took her feedback on all of my essays, applied it for the next, met with her, and receive the same grade with her nitpicking something that she doesn't agree with. The essays are graded on whether you wrote an argument that she agrees with rather than how well you supported your own argument. She also wanted highly complex arguments for short papers. After reaching out to fellow classmates, I found that others were also having issues with her. But aside from her grading which is subjective based on the TA or professor you get, she was very passive-aggressive. This led to apprehension about reaching out to her, but I did so nonetheless. Among students, she would cancel meetings last moment and show up 30 minutes late for one student. She also showed up late for a meeting I had about my essay where I outlined it for her with the specific examples I meant to use and she nodded along only to say I did not pick the right examples in my essay later. I also had a family emergency during class where I messaged her privately in zoom and had to leave. She did not respond to my message in zoom, even though I waited a few extra minutes before leaving. After my issue was somewhat resolved, I emailed her explaining why I left and apologized for the inconvenience. She did not respond to that email. I followed up two more times and still received no response while she sent out emails and responded to other things. She actually made one student I know quit pursuing her English minor and that's the complete opposite of a professor or TA's job. Also, our lecture professor urged his TAs to grade leniently and did not want to cause students to stress during the pandemic, and she did the complete opposite. I would never take a class with her again.