Francesco Lin

Jan 2021

Pretty good! Nice guy, manageable homework. Lectures are really dense so you can't really be half-paying attention, and you DEFINITELY need to read the textbook to fill in the gaps (he uses language like "Fact" or "Remark" for Theorems and you gotta know them so read the textbook) but a pretty good class for such difficult material. The one thing that hurt was he promised a generous curve and then did not deliver any curve. When asked about it by many students he basically said "yeah, bummer" and didn't change anything. But overall not a bad class, especially in online format. Great TAs too.

Jan 2021

Excellent lecturer, gives very organized lecture notes, and just an all-around approachable, nice person. He teaches linear algebra well but also gives examples of real-life applications that help get through the dry parts of the course content. It's a hard subject but do the homework (aka don't slader it) because he chooses really meaningful problems to help grasp the concepts. The exams are fair with no surprises as long as you do the practice tests.

Jan 2020

Great lecturer and a very nice person. Almost fell in love with linear algebra despite being a humanities major. Definitely take him for Linear or any other math class in general if you can!