Jeronimo Duarte Riascos

Apr 2021

He is the best CC professor ever please take him he literally treated us all like adults and was very understanding!!!

Nov 2020

I think this was Professor Duarte-Riasco's first class at Columbia, and I honestly really loved it! Every two weeks we would learn about a different Latin American woman artist that I had never heard about, and it has really made me rethink about the same narrative that other art history professors repeat time and time again. If you really like art history, especially from the mid-20th century, and you want to learn more about the Latin American art scene, this is a great class to take! Professor Duarte-Riascos has experience at the MoMA, and is very well-read about Latin American art, you really get to explore vocabulary in spanish as it pertains to art history specifically. Furthermore, it seems like he made very strong connections at MoMA, so we have had really incredible guest speakers in class! Mostly curators who led an exhibition about one of the artists we studied in class, and the come and talk to the class about the exhibition and there is a Q&A at the end. The workload is really spread out, meaning that you may have an assignment due every week, but it could be a discussion post, a question that you would like to ask a speaker that is coming to class, or one of the presentations. I highly recommend this class! I enjoyed it very much through and through.