Roy Licklider

Dec 2020

Roy Licklider is a guy that certainly knows what he's talking about... just not in a way that you will ever hope to understand it. His style of lecturing has no care for the students. It seems as if his goal is to confuse everyone, inciting arguments, and making himself feel superior. Even the TAs complain about him as a person. Assignment descriptions are super vague and the grading is incredibly rigorous. This class is an absolute struggle.

Nov 2020

This class wasn't TOO bad. Make no mistake, just like many other political science courses at Columbia, it is violently white. There are several nuances that are not explored and should be in order to properly understand complex issues. Professor Licklider sometimes says things that he, as an expert in foreign relations for 30 plus years, should know better but he is open to conversation and debate. He's very understanding when it comes to working if extensions or other accommodations are needed. The best parts of this class are the readings and how Profesor Licklider teaches the class in a way where even though you may not agree with a certain stance you'll have information to not only back up your side but refute others. A good class for any future lawyers.

Oct 2019

I am a graduating senior, currently taking this course to satisfy my IR requirements. This course is not for anyone who wants to learn, it is simply an outlet for the professor to be able to read a regurgitation of his opinions in someone else's handwriting. He prides himself on not giving out good grades and will flat out tell you to drop the course when you go to speak with him. His TA's are a little better, but they don't grade you. If and when they do, this professor will go back and RE-grade you (and rest assured that your grade will certainly drop). Despite having had many professors, witnessed many different styles,this man is by far the most unhelpful. I have never been this upset about a course since I've been here. And sure, i'm frustrated so do take my review with a grain of salt as maybe working in this kind of classroom environment will work well for you, but do note that In signing up for this course, I read many poor reviews for this professor under another rating platform. I didn't heed the warnings because I thought they were just cranky about one bad grade (I was wrong). He is every bit the crappy professor students said he was. His lectures are dry, he's rude, condescending, and finds failing people to be his calling in life. Save your time, energy, and effort on courses where the professor is here to help, encourage, and help foster a healthy learning environment.