Carsten Chong

Mar 2021

One of the best professors ever had! He made those hard concepts easier to understand. He does have some accent but I got used to it in a week. The solutions to homework are clear, but the TA doesn't tell you what's wrong. The midterm was really easy and very similar to the practice midterm. He really cares about students, and always makes sure we understand the concepts, and he's always willing to rephrase it if we seem confused.

Jan 2021

If you care for your grades and learning Statistics, AVOID this professor at all costs. I believe I speak for many other students in class when I say I had no idea what he was teaching. Is it because of his thick accent or his inability to explain concepts idk. He also made the finals incredibly hard on certain specific topics that were not covered well enough in the lectures and they were nothing like the problem sets assigned. This was after coming up with a ridiculous request for us to print an academic integrity statement form (which he later rescinded upon realizing how unnecessary this was). He literally said: For those of you that don't have printers, just go get one. You have more than enough time to do so. smh

Jan 2021

AVOID. Prof. Chong is a horrible instructor, in my opinion. He's really smart, and a very nice guy, but he cannot teach. My first complaint is grading and solutions: Prof. Chong always seemed to not care about whether solutions to homeworks and the midterm were clear or correct -- to the point where students were asking a couple of days before the final exam about the solutions to a homework problem (on the fifth or so homework, out of ten), and he was like "oh yeah my bad, those are wrong, I'll correct them rn". This might've been more of a problem with the grader we had, rather than with Prof. Chong, but still, Prof. Chong just kinda didn't care about that. On a similar note, we got our midterms back graded, but with no marks, so we had no idea where we got points off and it was such a pain to figure that out -- having to go to multiple office hours to figure it out. We were also supposed to use the statistics tables on the back of our textbook, and often times Prof. Chong himself did not know where to find the proper critical value, what value was used in homework solutions and why, or what tables were relevant. All of this was incredibly confusing up until the final exam, where he kinda cleared it up. Secondly: teaching and course structure. I know I'm not alone when I say that more often than not I'd be sitting in front of my computer watching him lecture on Zoom just thinking to myself "wtf, am I really this stupid or wtf is going on rn". Prof. Chong overcomplicates things unnecessarily, going through thorough proofs and derivations for a number of things before explaining in basic terms what it is we are proving and why. I know this is the case (and not that I'm just bad at statistics) because going to the Statistics Helproom Zoom sessions is where I learned everything I know about this course. Literally saved my life. The people in these help rooms were able to explain the things we were supposed to be learning in class literally so simply and so quickly -- I would take any of these students from the help rooms over Prof. Chong as an instructor any day. Thirdly: preparation for the final exam. For the midterm, we were told to go over the ~4 or 5 homeworks we had done in order to prepare, and the midterm was fairly similar. This was not the case for the final. We were told to review homeworks ~5-10, and the final was just completely different. Out of 8 exercises, maybe 3 were like the homeworks, the rest were something we had maybe spent a couple of PowerPoint slides on. Prof. Chong made up for this by setting a curve for our overall score (I wish I could tell you what kind of curve/distribution, but again, I barely learned anything in the course). Per the grade distribution sent out by Prof. Chong, I believe no one failed, and everyone scored a C or above. What is concerning to me is that after the final I was truly worried that I'd barely make a C- in the course, and I ended up scoring a few points below an A, which is chill and all for my GPA, but I can frankly say I do not know half the material from the class. Worried for when I take classes like econometrics -- rip.