William Chen

May 2020

Clearly a brilliant mathematician and nice guy but has absolutely no ability to effectively communicate ideas and concepts to those whose understanding doesn't match his. Rarely engages the class so when he asks a question the room fills with dead air. Poor teaching skills forced most of the class to teach themselves from the book and internet. Too much work for too little understanding. Leaving the course with a passing grade after 12+ hours of work every week but no understanding of its application. Not worth the cost per credit hour. Find a different instructor with actual teaching skills.

Apr 2020

Will was a great instructor! Lecture can get a little monotonous sometimes (as math lectures do), but Will is immensely helpful during office hours and really great at explaining things if you get confused! He's down to Earth and easy to understand during lecture, although sometimes his lectures aren't paced fast enough to finish by the time class ends. Students are free to raise their hand during class and ask questions, and the homework he assigns is always manageable. Definitely would recommend! He also has really cool t-shirts.