Laetitia Ndiaye

Apr 2021

This is my first time writing a CULPA review, but if anyone deserves one, it's Laetitia Ndiaye. This was my last semester taking French for the language requirement, and I'm so thankful I lucked into having her as a professor. She's a grad student, so I'm not sure how much longer she'll be at Columbia, but if you have the chance, take her section of French! She is so kind and truly cares for students. She can also relate because she is currently a student herself. Of course, language classes require lots of homework assignments. I never felt like too much was assigned for one day. We did read a book that was incredibly difficult and time-consuming (La Place), but she helped us with it in in-class discussions. The reading was also spread out over several days, and I think every Intermediate II section teaches it anyway. For many of the assignments, we could redo it as a quiz on Courseworks until we got a score we were happy with. Other assignments were mainly graded on completion. Either way, she gave feedback on every single homework assignment. Some of the assignments were watching a film and preparing for a discussion. She had assignments neatly arranged in modules on Courseworks. Her class is the best online French class I've taken, and I'm sure her teaching style is just as good (if not better) in a classroom setting. She encourages participation by calling on people for answers, incentivizing people to pay attention. She is also patient if you do not get the answer correct. The final presentation was helpful for getting pronunciation down. She let us either work in pairs or by ourselves, which I appreciated. Doing group work is so terrible in college. It was in place of a final exam, so I am finished with my French class before my other finals began. Overall, I can't complain about her at all! Take her class if you have the chance.

Dec 2020

She is nice. Funny. Like most elementary language courses you teach yourself most of the material, and your professor is their for review and reinforcement. Workload is decided by the department. Recommend