Kevin Wang

Dec 2020

Kevin is the sweetest UW instructor ever. I know he’s the only one I got, but no one can convince me otherwise. I had UW for International Students this fall when it was remote, so the semester was kind of rough to many of us, but he was always very nice and understanding. Also, he managed to foster a sense of community in our class which is pretty hard when we’re literally all over the world and have only met over Zoom. Kevin is a great teacher, and my writing skills improved significantly in his class. He is super approachable and willing to meet with you one on one to help you out. He clearly wants you to do well and will go above and beyond to assist you. The grading was reasonable, maybe a little bit on the harsher side but pretty okay. He also really acknowledges your progress when grading, which is nice. Overall, I had an amazing experience and would fully recommend picking him as your UW professor.