Benjamin VanWagoner

Apr 2021

Ben VanWagoner's Lit Hum class was a true pleasure. He's an incredibly interesting guy, very very good at running an effective and engaging discussion, not afraid to cut off windbags, and super well studied at all of the works on the syllabus. I transferred into his class second semester and found his assignments to be some of the most engaging and stimulating I've encountered at Columbia, and his few substitutions/additions were generally agreed to be at par with or even sometimes more interesting to study than the stock canon by most of my classmates that I talked to. Discussions with him are really enjoyable as well – his depth of knowledge is a lot of fun to spelunk and he'll always entertain and engage with your thoughts on, well, anything. To boot he's also just an outstandingly nice guy and a bona fide good person, very accommodating and wants the best for all his students. Ben/Prof V is a postdoc and as he said a few times there's no certainty how long he'll be around, but if he's offering a section, take it. You won't regret it.