Atefeh Akbari

May 2021

To be completely honest, I signed up for this class to take an English class and that was the best decision I've made thus far. Professor Akbari is absolutely incredible! She is such a wonderful professor with such creativity. She really knows how to turn any reading into an engaging class discussion.

Jan 2021

Ati is a literal GOD!!! She is the most amazing professor I have EVER had at Barnumbia and is literally the kindest, most understanding, GENIUS, and empathetic human being I have ever met. I learned SO much from her and truly loved our class – and it was entirely on Zoom, so that's saying something! She leads discussions so well and always makes you feel heard and understood – I always felt comfortable sharing in class and the whole class environment felt incredibly accessible, kind, and supportive. She is always willing to meet outside of class and truly wants everyone to succeed! Her feedback on assignments is super helpful and encouraging, and I genuinely felt like she was 10000% invested in every single one of her students' learning! The workload was incredibly manageable and the class was truly never a stressor – just a consistently enjoyable, interesting environment, as school should be! The class was also so interesting and different from other English classes as we talked a lot about WHY we were reading the texts that we were, in addition to the content of the texts themselves, which is so important to do! In that way, Ati really encourages critical thinking as much as she does critical reading, delving deeply into questions of what "world literature" – or even "literature" – even is. I truly cannot recommend this class more! Ati is genuinely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!~