Inbar Klang

May 2021


May 2021

I love her. She is the kindest professor at this school, and also the best one. Take any class she teaches and give her a diamond nugget!

Apr 2021

Well-structured lectures, well-designed and not too bad weekly psets (we often use results from previous homework in the following class). Perhaps the psets are not overly challenging, but very well suited for a CS person taken this for fun. Very nice, charming, and young professor. The only thing I wish for is some bigger picture aside from abstract theorems, like history and how the theory is developed. I know about the story about Galois (which is the main reason I took the course), and really'd like to learn more about the motivations when the theorems are introduced.

Apr 2021

She is amazing.

Apr 2021


Feb 2021

One of the best math professors I have ever had, and by far the best I've had at Columbia. I read a few reviews that said her class is "too easy" which is probably only because she teaches the material so incredibly well it makes calc 3 seem like a breeze. She has such a clear and concise way of explaining things and it is clear she really understands the material she is teaching thoroughly. The midterms were moderately difficult but if you take proper notes and study it is not so bad. It's also multiple choice which made it less stressful. Her lectures are adjusted for covid so that you take notes and read the material before class at home and she goes over the harder material in class. She provides soo many resources that it's hard to feel completely lost because there is so much extra help between her detailed notes and all the videos she adds to each week's module. Great class! She really deserves all the gold nuggets!

Jan 2021


Dec 2020

Highly organized, genuinely wants students to succeed, and very patient with questions. The class group chat is always gushing about how lovable Prof Klang is. I don't know if it's because of the online format, but she took on an "active learning" approach this semester so you read the relevant pages before class and come to class for questions and to get her little tips and tricks. If you hate reading textbooks don't worry because she uploads notes on the textbook that really condenses the material and does a very good job extracting the key points. Her lectures are very structured and the content is based on a pre-class questionnaire that you fill out before class that contains a few questions on the topic. She uploads all her in class notes to the drive afterwards, very helpful if you wanna review lecture content and are not bothered to scroll through the lecture recordings. She gives out practice tests with answer keys before midterms and finals. They're very helpful and I'm so grateful that she took the time to make those. She also lets you negotiate and adjust your grade weightings.

Aug 2020

Insanely easy Calc III,and I am an econ major who is not particularly good at math. You will not learn much, however. Although it was easy to get a good grade, I learned most of the material that I needed to get THAT easy A on Google.

May 2020

It really depends on your intention and why you're at Columbia. Everybody, almost with no exception, finds this class overly easy. (I would add, does not deserve to be a college-level course) This is very surprising after Calc 1 was three times harder and rewarding. If you are like me, who wants actually to learn something and not just get a good grade, then don't take this class. (hoping other sections are better - I honestly don't know) Each class has the exact same plot, just with different materials. A formula is shown, no explanation of why and how is presented, and then we go through an example that shows how the formula is used in a question. No theory, no logic - even mindless memorization of the formula is not necessary because you can have a cheat-sheet for every test. You can get much, much more for reading the book, for less amount of time than showing up for class (20 mins of reading and you can be down with a week of 2 lectures). I don't know if this is the nature of calc 3 at Columbia or just Klang's section, but I was very disappointed. (Calc 1 was transformational for me in contrast) There was absolutely zero added value for the professor in class, to what you can read online (at the end of the day, we were presented with a formula and then played the game of insert the right variable in the right spot every freaking class). This can be your dream class if you want an easy class; I didn't have an easier one at Columbia.

Jan 2020

Dr. Klang is absolutely amazing. One of the best professor I have had at CU. Take this professor ASAP! She explains clearly and does not mind being asked to go over a topic again or explain further. The tests are fair, nothing too far off form the problems we do for HW. Now the best part. She lets you change the weight of the grading criteria H(within parameters) HW 25% PSETS 20% Mid 1/2 25% Final 25%. The final is divided in different sections each corresponding to each midterm; if you obtain a higher grade on section that pertains to Mid 1, then that grade would replace the midterm grade. Technically you can miss or fail the midterms, but if you do well on the final you can even still get an A. BOTTOM LINE! This professor is amazing. She cares that you actually know the topics, and will help you if you ask.

Jan 2020

Very friendly and eager to help. She teaches everything in a very straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. She divides your score on 12 problem sets out of 12 so you have a buffer of 200 points. She lets you choose the weight of your midterms, psets, and final exam within a certain range. She brings candy during exams. There's no reason not to like her. Also you get to take a 2-sided cheat sheet into every exam in which you can pretty much write anything on so definitely a huge advantage.

Dec 2019

What are you doing. Take this class. Professor Klang is the absolute best professor at Columbia and gives extra credit on homework assignments. She’s always available and actually has coherent responses to questions. If you don’t take this class I don’t know what you’re doing.