Antonio Parera

Apr 2021

I was apprehensive about taking his class at first because there weren't any reviews on Professor Parera. I was enrolled in another class, but Professor Parera's class fit nicely with my schedule, so I found myself reviewing his recorded zoom sessions and I realized he was AMAZING! I quickly dropped the class I was in to join his course and don't regret my decision one bit. Professor Parera is very patient, understanding, and helpful. He is extremely organized and that is something I truly look forward to. His slides are nicely organized and he took time to thoroughly explain everything. He reviewed what we did the previous day as a refresher while introducing new concepts. He was available for extra help and was quick to reply to emails. You MUST take him. I wish he taught the progression because I would've loved to him for Elementary Spanish II. Anyway, If you're nervous about learning a new language with no prior experience, please don't hesitate and take Professor Parera.