Vito Adriaensens

Apr 2020

Vito is clearly passionate about early cinema history, and his sleeve is full of great recommendations and wisdom that you can delight in if you take the initiative to go to office hours or chat with him during breaks –– but he is not the best teacher. His near-four hour Friday lecture is rambling and boring, and his assignments are unclear and ineffective. Our discussion sections were often spent asking the TA what something was and when it was due, and when we occasionally got some answers, they often changed days later, because Vito alters, cancels, or postpones assignments last minute constantly. When we finally do submit assignments, we rarely get feedback. More than halfway through his course, with multiple essays, and projects in, I have only received a grade and comments once. This saddens me because I do believe Vito is a good academic and an interesting person, and cinema history is a great subject. His teaching of it, though, is unsatisfactory. Unless you love early 1900s film and are okay with taking your learning into your own hands most of the time, I would not recommend this professor or course. (This said, it is not actually that challenging. If you're a film major in need of a history course and a good grade, you may just want to get it over with.)