Warren Kluber

Sep 2020

Warren is by far the best professor I've had at Columbia. Seriously, do yourself a favor and take his class. He made my first year at Columbia so much more enjoyable. The 2-hour long classes never felt boring and I enjoyed every single one. He was always extremely understanding and empathetic, especially when classes shifted to Zoom in the spring because of the pandemic - and even those online classes were enjoyable. He asks really interesting questions and is excellent at facilitating class discussions. His feedback on essays is always really helpful, and he always gave us more feedback during office hours if we needed it. Not only did he give us feedback on our essays after we submitted them, but he also gave us feedback on the topics we wanted to write our papers about. Classes were structured really well. Every class, we discussed topics that students brought up in their discussion posts for the reading that was required for that day. This felt like a really great way to get us to be more involved and participate in discussions more actively. Unlike some other LitHum professors, he never made us do any pop quizzes, which was really nice. Midterms were reasonable and only included passages that we explicitly covered and had in-depth discussions about in class. He gave us sample midterm questions so that we'd be familiar with the format. He also held review sessions. I genuinely cannot relate to anyone in other classes who didn't like LitHum because Warren made it so enjoyable, even for someone like me who isn't majoring in anything related to the material that LitHum covers. This class made me realize how much love I actually have for literature. He really took the time to get to know all of us and he would check up on us during office hours to make sure we were doing okay. He really emphasized that he cared about our mental health which I appreciated so much. Our class got along so well and I think that Warren is part of the reason that this happened. As another reviewer said, he's an actual angel and you won't regret taking his class!

Aug 2020

I realized, after my first year at Columbia, that there is only one man outside my family whom I love. And his name is Warren Kluber. He is an absolutely amazing teacher who pours his heart into both the works he teaches — and into teaching itself. You can tell that he really takes the time to pore over the texts and to prepare lessons way ahead of time. Classes are structured so that we explore specific themes and their corresponding passages in the works, allowing us to construct in-depth analyses into language, context, and the whole shebang. He also makes class really interactive and engaging by including fun activities like drawing out the hellscape of Dante's Inferno or writing fragmented poetry   la Sappho, but with your classmates. His fun and caring nature really fostered an environment of camaraderie and enjoyment in the students. Our class grew really close, meeting up outside class for study sessions and even dorm parties. He also really emphasizes the importance of mental health and wellbeing. He is very understanding and encourages seeking support in him or through Columbia professionals trained in mental health support. He allows one unexcused absence per semester, by the way. It is evident that he really takes the time to get to know each and every one of his students, checking in on each person during office hours or before and after class. If there was one piece of advice I could offer to anyone who will be taking Literature Humanities, it would be: Take Warren's class. You will not regret it. I was so against studying literature, especially considering the horrible teachers I've had in the past, but taking his class made me realize that I actually love it.

Apr 2020

Warren is the BEST! He is so nice, asks really thought-provoking questions, and provides great feedback on essays. He is extremely kind, and can also be really funny. Our whole class had an amazing dynamic this year, and I think one of the reasons we all got along is because we all loved Warren and he did a great job of creating a classroom dynamic where everyone felt really comfortable. He does a lot of group work in class where we will do things like write character charts, or write poems inspired by Sappho, or draw a map of the underworld, so the course is so much more engaging than a lot of other Lithum classes where people just talk about the reading for 2 hours. We still discuss the works obviously, but splitting up class discussions with more creative projects is A) helpful for engaging with the text in a more exciting way and B) really fun. I made some of my best friends in this Lithum class, and I don't think it would have been as possible if it had been taught by a different professor, just because of how great Warren is at balancing having fun in a class while still learning a ton and eventually being able to have pretentious conversations at cocktail parties about the classics because that's really what Lithum is all about anyway. Also, he was my only professor this year to include a whole section in his syllabus dedicated to mental health and how he wants to support his students, and I think that's a great testament to how kind and thoughtful he is. TL;DR: TAKE LITHUM WITH WARREN, BEST DECISION YOU'LL MAKE!

Apr 2020

Do yourself a favor and take this class! Warren is an absolute angel, and genuinely cares about the subject matter. Not only is he one of the most intelligent professors I've had the pleasure of meeting at Columbia, but he is passionate about passing on his knowledge to his students. His class is structured by discussing smaller sections of text very in depth, which in my opinion is much more valuable than trying to tackle an entire novel in a couple of class periods (though you are still required to read the entire novel). My lithum class became so close by the end of one semester that we even hung out outside of the classroom regularly, and this is because of the collaborative, group-oriented environment Warren cultivates during class. He is extremely accommodating to students' needs, and will do what he can to help you succeed. Most importantly, the 2 hour class never feels like a drag, and everyone genuinely has a good time. Midterms are extremely reasonable -- they only covered passages we directly went over in class, and he hosts review sessions to prepare you for it. Also, our budget was spent on seeing really cool plays around the city and going to dinner, which was fun.