Colin Leach

Apr 2021

As the semester progressed, the material kept involving a lot of politics and information that may not be objective. While the workload is reasonable, I don't recommend taking this class if you aren't interested in politics or controversial viewpoints.

Mar 2021

This was my first class with Professor Leach, and I honestly wouldn't take another class with him again. Pros: His lectures were pretty clear, exams were straight forward, not too difficult I would say it was a pretty straight-forward class, you can do well in exams just by going to class and doing two short psych paper readings a week. Cons: Inflexible in assignment due dates, reused exam prep questions We have a weekly 500-word reading response that is due before the first Tuesday lecture of the week. Instead of turning it in right before class, I turned it in the evening the same day of the class, and he did not accept it. I'm not the type of student who asks for extensions or tries to ask the professor to raise my grade, but this one time I asked him to please accept my late homework (again, 12 hours late). He said no twice, and the homework lowered my overall grade 9 points, from a 95 to 86

May 2020

Leach was great up until the coronavirus situation. In my opinion he did not handle that as well as he could have. He is a really engaging lecturer and uses multiple ways and lots of examples to make sure you understand the material. This was my first psych course as a psych major and it really encouraged me to continue with this major. His tests are good as long as you really study. He does put slides up on courseworks but you have to come to class to understand them. After COVID however he kind of just went off the radar for the classes. We no longer had any remote meetings or pre-recorded lectures and he just kinda gave us slides without much information on them for us to figure out on our own. He also didn't give us any feedback on our homework so we really had no idea how we were doing. Would recommend the class though

May 2020

Professor Leach is a great professor. This class is super chill and the workload is so small. I am taking this for the science requirement, so this is a great option for non-stem people. The subject matter is also very interesting. There are 3 exams, but they are all multiple choice -- although disclaimer we only took one of them because of coronavirus, professor Leach canceled the last two after classes went online. All in all, I highly recommend this class!