Emma Ianni

Mar 2021

I'm new to learning Latin and started it virtually in my first semester. It could've been a horrible experience since Latin is a really difficult language and there aren't many reliable online resources for help, but because of Professor Ianni I genuinely enjoyed what we were learning and even want to pursue it further! Most importantly, she's one of the most understanding professors or even people that you'll meet. During the pandemic, people were facing different kinds of challenges and she always went out of her way to help them. She taught from ppts that summarise our impossibly long textbook really well and managed to make all the concepts clear to us. I saw a previous comment address "Learning Logs" but all they do is a. help us trace our progress and improve on our weaknesses regularly b. give her feedback to make the course the best it could be so in my opinion, if you take out the time to do them well, both you and the class would benefit from it. If you're interested in starting Latin or just trying something new for your language requirement, I'd definitely recommend this class. Professor Ianni genuinely cares about her students and makes the course relevant to our lives by giving us historical context and encouraging us all to participate.

Dec 2020

Professor Ianni, or as she likes to be called, Ms. Emma, is new to teaching. Because of that, she's lenient, if a bit disorganized. For example, she once assigned us a quiz but forgot to write it. She never gave out rubrics for anything, even major assignments. Sometimes her choice of homework was questionable. For instance, she had us write "learning logs," basically 500 words on what we had learned in the past two weeks, and how we felt about it. We did Learning Logs instead of having assigned grammar worksheets or vocabulary tests, as I had done in other Latin classes. That being said, the class was an easy A, and Ms. Emma was very sweet and enthusiastic. I took several years of Latin beforehand, so maybe this class was easier for me than others, but I'm pretty sure no one ended the class with lower than a 75. The average might have even been an A. Overall, it was a fairly good class. If you've already taken Latin, or you want to breeze through your language requirement, I'd recommend it.