Cailan Li

Jun 2020

It’s probably not fair to judge any instructor on Spring 2020, but here goes. Going to Zoom classes really separated the good instructors from the bad instructors. This was Cailan Li’s first time teaching (he’s a PhD student), he was clearly uncomfortable in front of the class. Zoom just it 10000% worse. Pros: He seems to care how/if you learn. His written notes and communication are good. He seems like a nice guy and is fair. Cons: His excuse for not getting things was always that he was “busy. Well, guess what, we’re all busy. Terrible in front of a class. Not great at answering class questions in lecture, would eventually hand-wave it saying we needed to move on. Going to Zoom did not go well at all If I had known how Spring 20 was going to go, I would have switched sections to a more experienced instructor’s class.