Shumalit Shinnar

Feb 2021

Honestly a great prof! Grades fairly on the essays, gives a lot of prompts so you have a lot of options on what to write about, and includes interesting stuff in the discussions, like disabilities, LGBT+, feminism, etc. You can tell she cares about the texts and isn't glorifying them or their authors. The reading is heavy but that's lithum. Gives a ten-minute break halfway through class. Highly recommend!

Dec 2019

I am glad to be the first review for Prof. Shinnar. She is honestly a great prof. She begins the class with powerpoints to provide information about the readings. She also hands out discussion questions to get the class going. We go on outside class field trips to the museum, plays, and to go get pizza. Do the readings, participate, go to her OH. You will get an A in the class if you participate! (30% of your grade) She prepares you for the midterm and final! She even takes time to see how the class is doing too, whether we should the class structure or not, and personal opinions about the seminar in general. Prof. Shinnar adds and takes out some of the basic core readings, i.e. Lysistrata. The class is what you make it. Don't make it awkward and have a class that doesn't participate.