Patrick Booz

Dec 2020

This class in general is structured (regardless of prof) so the readings largely teach you what you need to know. In general, class with Prof Booz did not provide too much additional information besides having lots of visuals to go with the things you learned about (read: ppts with pictures). Prof Booz liked to focus on specific types of artifacts and harp on them for multiple classes. In general, most of the content you needed came from the reading, with a few additional things that he found particularly important being emphasized in the lecture. Assessments (midterm, final) were open note, making it really quite easy if you put in the effort. The writing assignment (object biography) I think is actually really great as long as you pick an object that you love. It's probably my favorite essay I've written at Columbia (senior). Overall, I'd say I had a good time in this class in that it was not a ton of work (esp if you already know the general outline of Chinese history), but it is not necessarily specific to Prof Booz's teaching.